Partitionings - "growable"?

Partitionings - "growable"?

Post by ToSe.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

The "path" , ) of this inquiry is elaborated below, middle.

Having no Personal data which 'must' be retained; I would be
reinstalling, from "scratch,"

..on a UIDE-33, single hard drive, non networked, One user, 96meg-mem,

Linux, (multi, fixed ? growable?)
# Win/DOS, Table32 (fixed size)
# "Alt-usEr" (Linux<?>MS - fixed size)
# w/Linux-Swap (fixed size)


For Hard drive, file system - I am wondering:

1) Could... *all* of the Linux partitions be "individual" and
-- Very Fictitous example (but would help me understand)  -- *Could* one
make them all, if not really, say, 50 megs, "growable" (supposing "/"
and "?/boot" on Primary partition, for Lilo).

2) Which Linux /directory partitions *should* Not and/or "would" Not be
given a single partition, (whether growable, or explicitly defined).

Specifically, my Question:

What *partitioning* should I (*definitively*) ...NOT do..?" ...when
re-partitioning for a more Permanent system.


middle - starts here :+)

# "Path" of inquiry (for question, above)

After a considerable "leave of absence" from computing - and not much
experience, before that, and, now - I am, basically, new to hands-on
So, I have "dabbled" for a while with a re-Introductory, temporary

After considerable, general data collecting, research: Specifically for
Linux, I do have many questions which I both want and would need more
exacting answers for. Many already found here.  But --

..Until I am somewhat more able to phrase, for a group, the questions
for those answers I seek (and would understand !) - I have a general
question. And for this one possibly broad but, as intended, specific
question... a different suggestion - only a "suggestion" - for possible


"What *partitioning* should I NOT do..?" ...when re-partitioning.

# ---breath----

e.g. [ Some things are NOT done... because they physically will not
"work," - or may cause "disasters," if they Do, but not as intended,

e.g. [ ? Some things are NOT done... because *experience* has proven
that the long and or short term results are, in practice: bad procedure.

That *difference* above, may be noteworthy.

Obviously I could not yet understand most of the reasoning behind
*another's experience.* But, anyone wishing to offer helpful hints,
pointed clarifications, or personally experienced opinions - to either
of the two "Don't DO" categories - would be much, very much,

# --- breath ---

Though I have seen quite a few good-vg renderings of What and HowTO DOs;
it seems at the present stage of my understanding (and lack , thereof) a
HowNot could serve an equally helpful purpose.

So, again -
With the same meaning, as above - Question:

??????????Which Linux /directory partitions could
NOT be very useful ...if individually partitioned. And/or which *type*
of partitions (fixed - growable) should NOT be used for "the suggested"
System combination?

# The End of "path" of inquiry ["Finally..!"]

# Hey - I think, I have just, unintentionally, demonstrated How a
"growable" partition functions!

# Note to self: If/Next time... should offer free aqualung service.

# This answer: "Do NOT DO *this* like *that* again!" ...sorry ...has
already been spoken for, just now claimed.

# ----bre...-----

-- After a few months with the fascinating, but equally frustrating,
Linux... I cannot fully imagine how you all do *this,* the postings...
willingly! -?
So, in closing -(insert double meaning applause here)- to the many
helpful Postings - both Q & A - you are much Thanked.




Partitionings - "growable"?

Post by ToSe.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

In the light of a new (but still cloudy) day:

Previously myself wrote :+(

    [a whole bunch of stuff]

Since that first ill-fated Post is not going gently into the good
night... --though not much better - I probably shouldn't, but will offer
an abbreviated "translation":


 I believe, in part, I was trying to ask:

"Could, might, the files on a *multi growable* partition system:  behave
differently than files on numerically "fixed" Partitions; and somehow,
eventually, "grow-ably" corrupt data on another partition...?"

Are *growable* partitions - somehow - less stable than *fixed*

That first Post:  now seems similar to asking:
    Where is *not* the haystack in which a possibly non-existent needle
would Not reside?

(for the first post - maybe this second - and to any unlucky readers)