Australia: looking for CD-ROM Slackware?

Australia: looking for CD-ROM Slackware?

Post by Guy » Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Taking a course in Linux.

Need urgent a CD_ROM with Slackware on it.

Please contact me direct if you can.

Cheers  Guy                Brisbane Australia



1. Reveal 4XCD-ROM & Slackware 2.3 CD-ROM Install

I have a Reveal brand CDROM (IDE/ATAPI) that I would like to use for a
new (first ever) install of Linux.  The CD-ROM works fine under DOS.
I have configured the drive as the slave on the first (only) IDE
controller in the system.  It is identified by Linux at startup time
(dev/hdb).  Sometimes (in setup, using IDECD boot image) when I do
autoscan for the device, it is found; other times it is not. From
Source menu, I select <I>nstall from CDROM, then <7> Most
IDE-interface CD drives. When I select <S>lackware, some messages
appear on the screen, then the ERROR: DIRECTORY NOT FOUND message
occurs (The Slackware directory could not be found. You'll have to
reconfigure your source media before you can install). This is
invariably followed by MOUNT errors, until I end setup and start it

How can I:
  o Determine what the real problem is?
  o Find more information on installation from ATAPI drive (I'm a
    newbie, and am very lost)
  o Pause the screen when messages appear

I appreciate any advice.  If you wish to e-mail me directly (which I


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