Interesting HD Partitioning Question

Interesting HD Partitioning Question

Post by Lloyd A. Boz » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

First, let me explain my hardware situation.  I've got an
EIDE 540MB WD HD and a IDE 130MB Conner HD.  I used to have
the a full 540MB partion for DOS on the WD and a 115MB
native Linux / 15MB Swap partion on the Conner.  

Although the WD was 540MB I made no effort (i.e. drivers)
to use more than the 1024 cylinder (528MB) DOS limit.  I
hate loading any extra drivers.  In fact, I dislike DOS, but
it a necessary evil as my research requires use of
Microsoft Word, Mathematica other Windows stuff (there
I've cleared my name).  

Just the other day I realized that I could use the
leftover 12MB on the 540MB for my Linux swap.  In addition,
my 540MB is much faster than the old 130MB. So this
is what I did.  BTW, the correct settings for my 540MB
are 1048 cyl / 16 heads / 63 sec.

1. Repartitioned my 130MB for a full Linux partition
2. Created an addition partition on the 540MB as follows:
        Cylinder   Type
         1 - 1024  DOS
      1025 - 1048  Linux Swap
3. Set my CMOS for 1024 instead of 1048 ecylinders on the
   540MB.  This is because my EIDE drivers (DOS) require
   <= 1024. Suprisingly, Linux doesn't care what the BIOS
   says -- it determines what the drive is on it's own.

Everything seems to work fine, but I have a few questions.

1. When making the addition partition on the 540MB, Linux
   reported that there was a discrepency in the
   physical/logical beginnings and endings of the
   second partition (i.e phys=1023, 15, 63 &
   logical=1024, 0, 1).  Note that this was not
   reported as an error, but like a matter of fact.

   Should I be worried about this?  Will the Swap partition
   conflict with the DOS partition?

2. As I said it is advantageous for my CMOS to be set
   at 1024 cyls. because I can then use my EIDE drivers
   in DOS and Windows (the transfer rate is doubled).

   Since I know the correct setting is 1048 cyl. which
   Linux realizes, will the descrepency between the way
   DOS and Linux view the drive be a problem in the

3. Also, I have noticed that Linux reported a couple
   of times that some applications may not work well
   with drives with more than 1024 cyls.  What applications
   are these?  Has anyone had any problems?

Any replies or suggestions would be appreciated.  E-mail
or post.




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