MH and POP3

MH and POP3

Post by O. Vowincke » Tue, 21 Apr 1998 04:00:00


I have a little problem.
How do I have to set up RH5 that it collects all the emails from my
ISP's POP3 account by using MH ?

How do I set up my own POP3 server (users and passwords etc)

Please, reply to my email address as well.




1. MH as POP3 server for Linux

HI all.

I'm new in this newsgroup, so sorry if do some trivial question...

I've installed Linux from RedHat5.0 on my PC. Now I 'd like configure
my machine to work as mail server for my LAN and I'd like installe a
POP server too.

I've  found MH on the RedHat distribution but a few documentation to
install it .
Does anyone know where can I find some specific HOWTO/FAQ/document
about installing MH on Linux?

Is MH the best choise for my problem?

Thanks in advance


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