Red Hat RPM troubles: installed and not installed at the same time

Red Hat RPM troubles: installed and not installed at the same time

Post by My na » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

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I try to install msql.  It fails because of missing .h files that are
in the kernel-header rpm package.

if I install kernel-header it says it is installed, cannot be

If I try rpm -V it says kernel-header is NOT installed.  I tried
uninstall (does not work), --force (still the same contradictory
messages, does not fix the situation)

What is wrong?? Any rpm option that gives more sensible info?  How can
something be installed and not be installed at the same time?  I tried
uninstall, does not work either, says it is not installed.

Next try: I get the more recent version of kernel-headers from the 4.2
distribution.  Is this a problem???  Can I install certain modules
from 4.2 into my 4.1 distribution??  Should I download the entire 4.2
distribution (I would rather not)


Also, advice for installation of perl moduless, especially for
database/mSQL, installation of mSQL and PHP is more than welcome.  I
guess there is no rpm for this, it needs to be instaled the standard

I believe when I installed RedHat 4.1, I did not install the
development C files.  Now all installations fail, I slowly install
missing kernel-headers, c development libraries.  Any standard install
that gets all these things at once??


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