Evolution: Mail Component Crashes

Evolution: Mail Component Crashes

Post by Dick Wannamake » Sun, 18 Nov 2001 07:46:15

I noticed that others beside myself were having trouble as above when
attempting to initiate a message in Evolution. I have remedied the
problem on my Mandrake 8.0 setup so I'm posting this in case it may
help others.
I used the shotgun approach(due to lack of true understanding) and
installed various related rpms from Cooker, each time testing to see if
the problem had gone away. My final installs were of the latest Cooker
versions of gmome-print, libgnomeprint15, libgnomeprint15-devel,
libbonobo2, libbonobo2-devel, libbonobo-conf0, and
libbonobo-conf0-devel. These were done together to satisfy dependencies.
I got lucky: the mail component of Evolution no longer crashes when
creating a new message or when forwarding. Now I make use of the
Hope this helps someone else.



1. What is the difference between evolution in RH8 and evolution from Ximian?

I just install the RH8 and configured the system default language to
Chinese. My PC worked great in Chinese. I really like the full
functional evolution(1.0.8), which worked very well in Chinese and
English. But when I upgraded the evolution to 1.2 from Ximian.com. It
stoped displaying the Chinese characters in all emails. I tried
different encoding methods in the menu, but it did not work. Chinese
in the menu still properly displayed.

When I upgrade the evolution, I notice that it upgrades several
dependent packages in my system. But what is the difference between
evolution with RH8 and evolution 1.2 from Ximian?
Why I lost some of the basic functions when I upgrade?
What are the tricks to get the evolution to show Chinese in mail?

Maybe some guys in Red Hat know the secrects, Can you share them with

I really like to get my Chinese email back, and really thank you great
guys for create such a wonderful application.

Ji Tao

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