intallation error when loading data into ramdisk

intallation error when loading data into ramdisk

Post by psaf » Sat, 06 Jan 2001 02:15:06

I am trying to get SuSE Linux 7.0 running on my ThinkPad 390E where
previously has been SuSE Linux 6,4 running without any problems.

The installations hangs while "Loading data into ramdisk" which comes
straight after the "Choose the source media", I am installing from CD.
Computer stops responding or doing anything.
The problem is actually described as "to be yet solved" on page 32 of SuSE
handbook that come with the installation.

"For reasons which have yet to be clarified, problems can occur when loading
data to the RAM disk, and YaST then cannot be loaded. In such cases the
following remedy usually leads to a positive result:
In the linuxrc main menu select Settings -> Debug ( Expert ), there you
should set 'Force root image' to no. Return to the main menu and start the
installation again."

I have tried that but it didnt help. Neither I could find any news in the
SuSE support knowledge base.

Any hints?

Thank you very much


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Hello, world.

I am having some problems with my slackware 1.1.2. I wanted to Linux this
morning (new verb), but my root filesystem came up as read-only. So I
tried to boot with the bootkernel to be able to edit some files on my
root-partition. But after I typed mount root=/dev/sda2, which is my
Linux root-filesystem, I get the message Error 0x08. After that it
continuously tries to boot, but the same error message appears.

Then I tried booting the ramdisk, but no results either. In fact, the
same error message appears. I really don't understand this, because I
installed Linux with the same bootkernel flop.

I anyone has any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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