Sol'n to Reveal CDROM prob

Sol'n to Reveal CDROM prob

Post by DarkT » Thu, 13 Jun 1996 04:00:00

posted previously asking questions and couldn't solve the problem although
the ethernet problem was an easy fix).

The Reveal/IDE setup will work if you get the new 2.0.0 kernel that was
just released (Red Hat, I think).


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1. 2 Probs: Reveal cdrom and big IDE hd...

I have 2 main problems with my installation right now (or lack

First, I need a driver for Reveal R420 [Goldstar] roms under 1.2.13 -
there is a driver in some of the 1.3.xx series, but I need to start
with 1.2.13 [or a boot image for 1.3.whatever that includes it and ATI
mouse drivers..]  Help?

The other [equally pressing] problem is I can't get 1.2.13 to work
with my large IDE drive.  I tried everything I could think of - began
by following the big-IDE how-to to the letter [bios settings, ramdisk
hd= .. append in lilo.conf, etc etc etc..]  as well as every
combination I could think of of bios settings, lilo settings, etc..
Nothing.  Right now its stable somewhere in the middle, at least so
far as I can get a LILO boot: prompt, but booting Linux gives me lots
of 0x00 errors.  <shrug> thats the best I could get out of it...

Again, PLEASE HELP!  {And cc a copy of any replies to me in email at

news due to work... THANKS!}

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