Support for Intel Ambient HaM modem?

Support for Intel Ambient HaM modem?

Post by Dennis Roar » Tue, 19 Mar 2002 08:31:06

Does any distro support the PCI modem using the Intel Ambient chipset HaM
modem (such as the Archtek or LinkSys modems using the Ambient chipset)
without recompiling the kernel?

Dennis Roark

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Support for Intel Ambient HaM modem?

Post by ER » Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:19:17

On Sun, 17 Mar 2002 23:31:06 UTC, Dennis Roark

+ Does any distro support the PCI modem using the Intel Ambient
+ chipset HaM modem [...]

You've asked a FAQ so I'm posting a "pre-recorded" message. It's only
fair. :-) Your post is either about "what modem do I use?" or about
the notorious "winmodems" aka "losemodems".

If you need a new modem or are pulling out hair trying to get that
"losemodem" working try MultiTech's MT56* line of modems:

We've had great success with these at our clients that use *nix and
OS/2 systems. You can find these at several online stores as well as
your local computer resellers. These are a mid-range price at over
$100. Low end modems are usually under $100 and "high end" modems are
usually over $200.

More information about modems can be found in the modem section of
"The Unix Hardware Buyer HOWTO" at

Read it, especially parts 7.3 and 7.4. Then go and start reading here
for a gritty and humorous treatise of internal vs external modems:

For information on many modems pre-tested with Linux see this:

Note that the above site *does not* just cover "losemodems". Many
real modems appear in the "Big List" there. Real, external modems
will work pretty much anywhere a modem is needed.

If you *insist* on using that "losemodem" then see this site:

May the PC gods have mercy on you.

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1. Good experience with Ambient/Intel HaM V.92 modem

I just wanted to pass along some positive information on the Ambient/Intel
  PCI V.92 HaM modem.  Unlike WINMODEMS/SOFTMODEMS, these things
  do most of the DSP in hardware, and relegate the AT command processing,
  and "controller" functions to the host system.

I bought this card from eBay, from a place that claimed it was a
  "Hardware Modem".  The price seemed too good to resist.  When I got
  it, and tried to configure it as a regular hardware modem, it became
  clear quite quickly that this wasn't an ordinary hardware modem.

I tracked down an Intel site that had drivers for this card, complete with
  source.  I compiled and installed it in my 2.4.17 kernel, and I'm happy
  with it so far.

I bought this card as a temporary replacement for my USR V.90 Pro PCI full
  hardware modem that died (but is still under warantee!).

The PCI vendor ID is 0x1813, with a device ID of 0x4000.

There are at least two vendors on eBay selling these things by the truckload,
  typically for under US$10.00 a piece.
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