Linux install with Adaptec 1460?

Linux install with Adaptec 1460?

Post by Joe Pompe » Sun, 30 Mar 1997 04:00:00

I'm new to Linux and I'm trying to install via cdrom to my laptop, which
has an Adaptec 1460 SCSI card.  I've tried both slackware and redhat
with the following results:

Slackware 3.1:  The cdrom is not recognized when using the standard disk
images.  Using scsi.s or ata152x.s causes the machine to hang after the
message 'VFS: Mounted root: (minix filesystem)'.  My keystrokes echo,
but no prompt or response.

Redhat 4.0:  Using the PCMCIA supplement, supp.img, during installation
it told me: 'PCMCIA Probe Failed', and of course, I can't access the

I don't know what to do now, do I have to make floppies somehow?  Is
there anything else I can try before resorting to this?  My dream would
be a root disk for slackware with 1460 support.. I know the drivers
exist as kernel modules..

Thanks so much..


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Greetings all,

I'm trying to install on my laptop via a PCMCIA Adaptec 1460A card.
At the moment I'm trying to use Slack 3.03, but I also have Redhat 4.1.
I'm quite happy to use either, whichever is easier to sort out.

I boot the slackware disk for the 152x series (Adaptec told me it's the
same chipset in the 1460A) and use the PCMCIA root disk. It all looks
as if it's going to work, even doing a reset on the SCSI bus (well the
devices all flash) Unfortunately, the system notes a warning - something
like "interrupt 5, is this right??" and then generates SCSI bus timeouts.
So it looks like irq 5 is not right, but the question is what do I do
to change this irq (use lilo options perhaps, but how?) and what should
I change it to?


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