Redhat 5.0 Packages to install

Redhat 5.0 Packages to install

Post by Uncle A » Sun, 25 Jan 1998 04:00:00


  I'm a more or less newbie.  I've done some linux work at school,
mostly thru a pre-configured account.  I'm ready to setup at home and am
a little over whelmed by the # of packages available in RH5 ( and under
whemled by having only 512M available for a /usr partition).  The
question is given the conditions I'm about to list, which packages do I
need and which are not useful?  I realize the immensity of the question,
but I just want an idea.  I have searched for web and print resources,
but none of them seem to address the issue directly.

I am running a p120 w/40MB ram, all hardware is compatible as per list.
I am keeping a W95 partition and a dedicated W95 drive.
I need C and C++ programming and would like to keep others ( Perl, etc
to experiment on)
I plan to run X in one form or the other.
I need dial-up PPP and possibly network to one other local PC.
All the standard internet stuff(user side) mail, telnet, etc.

Many of the packages have descriptions more than a little vague to me.
Since I won't be an ISP, or have a static IP, I know apache is
pointless, but what else? the daemons?

If anyone can recommend a source of this information, short of a crash
course in EVERY term in the Linux/interconnectivity world, that
information would be welcome.


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