Debian "Hamm" and Accel-X problem

Debian "Hamm" and Accel-X problem

Post by a.. » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Hi all, I've just taken the plunge and graduated from RedHat to
Debian. Because I have a Intel 740 video card I am attempting to
install the Accel-X demo program. The problem is that I can get XFree
to run in Vga16 mode, (not pretty!) but after I install Accel-X the X
libs are broken and X won't run at all. With RedHat I learned that I
had to reinstall the X libs and it would then run. Rpm gave the nodep
and force options to accomplish this.
I read the help options with dpkg, but it said that it would not
install inividual packages correctly. When I attempted to remove the
Xlibs so that I could reinstall them by using dselect it wanted to
remove Xbase and every X application that depended on Xlibs.
Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Thanks in advance


Debian "Hamm" and Accel-X problem

Post by Ron Watkin » Fri, 25 Sep 1998 04:00:00

I had a somewhat similar problem.  

Run dselect, and mark the base package you need to replace as 'purge'.  This
will bring you to a screen where everything that depends on it is also marked
'purge'.  At that point, hit 'D' to set all to 'Directly requested' state;
that will change all the other packages back to what they were before.

Use Q to exit that screen, rather than return.  Q means 'don't check
dependencies'.  Q)uit all the way out of dselect.

Then run dpkg yourself:

        dpkg --remove --pending --force-depends

Then run dselect again, re-select the package you want, and install it.

BE CAREFUL.  When I was experimenting with the exact keystrokes to do this, I
removed the 'perl' package, because many things depend on it.  It removed very
nicely -- after which dselect no longer worked, because it needs perl! :-)  I
had to go get the perl .deb file and install it manually with dpkg.   Had I
removed something more crucial I could really have been hosed.  Removing, for
instance, libc6 would not be a very good idea. :-)

Debian's package manager is really amazing, after you spend some time with
it.  I see why people like it.



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