X access

X access

Post by M.A. Chrysta » Sun, 01 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have recently upgraded my linux box to slackware
3.1.0 with 2.0.0 kernel source. I have three
computers the linux machine. and 2 pentium pros
that have NT4 installed. My problem is that when i
try to connect to the linux box through an X
windows program on the NT machines i keep getting
the message access denied. Ive tried to do xdmcp
broadcast and query and i get nothing. I am trying
to connect by rexec. Everything else works fine
(all the computers are on the univ.network and i
can telnet and ftp between the NT machines and the
Linux box. I know the X windows program is working
because i tested it by connecting to an IBM RS6000
that we have here also. Thanks in advance for any
help you can provide!
Matt Chrystal
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Minnesota


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I was experimenting with file access permissions and came across the

I created a text file in my home directory.  It had read and write access
for the owner (that's me) and read only access at both the group and world
level.  I then did a chmod on the file and gave it 077 as the access mask.
This gave it full access to both group and world but took away all access
at the owner level.  I did an ls -gl and a groups command and the file did
belong to the group of which I was a member.  However, when I tried to cat
the file, the system returned the message 'Permission denied'.  

Does this mean that owner level access overrides group and/or world access?

Even stranger - I next tried to remove the file with the rm command and
it worked!  

I tried looking in the manuals for something to explain about access modes
but have so far been unsuccessful.  Perhaps someone out there could explain
what is going on.  

The system I am using is a SUN 3/260 running version 4.2 release 3.5.  I do
not know if this is unique to SUN or not.
Charlie Dennett - Eastman Kodak Company
UUCP: ...rutgers!rochester!kodak!dennett

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