mitsumi ATAPI 2x CDROM

mitsumi ATAPI 2x CDROM

Post by Jay Ts » Fri, 16 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a mitsumi 2X ATAPI cdrom drive and linux kernel 1.2.8.  How can I
tell which IDE interface my cd-rom drive is connected to?  I don't know
if it's primary or secondary or 1st or 2nd.  Is there a simple way to
tell?  I have a 1 gig IDE hard drive as well.  This is probably a stupid
question but any help is appreciated.  When I configure the cd and I ask
the setup to autoprobe for which interface it is connected to, it
reports that it doesn't find a cdrom drive.  If I could figure out which
one it's on I'll just force it set up there instead of trying to
autoscan for it.  Thanks

Jay Tsao


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Ugh...with my last kernel the CDROM was recognized as being already mounted or
busy or something like that, so I grabed 1.1.81 and compiled the sucker...and
after figuring out the funny location of the zImage, and installing it, I
rebooted. Then I booted again. and again just to make sure. This is what I'm

mount: /dev/mcd is not a valid block device

weeee! isn't this Linux stuff fun? Any Ideas out there?

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