remote printing on a HP Laserjet 1200

remote printing on a HP Laserjet 1200

Post by S├ębastien Cottalord » Fri, 09 May 2003 21:21:39

Hi all,

 Here is my config:

 HP Laserjet 1200
 Parallel cable
 Postscript driver
 Lprng package
 Mandrake 9.0
 Computer 1
 RedHat 7.0
 Lprng package
 Postscript driver
 Application that need to print out on the computer 1 printer

 And my problem:
 I need to print out bills on that printer. The bills are in PS format on
 only one page (no images, no graphical char, only text).
 Normaly, I manage to print out a single postscript page.
 The second page (or other print out) make my printer blinking as it receive
 datas, but nothing is printed out even if i wait some minutes.
 I need to power off the printer, wait some seconds, power on the printer
 (eventually clear the buffer) and restart the print command.

 This error doesn't often occurred but about 70% of the time.

 I thought adding RAM on that printer, but I don't know if it will solve my
 I've ask help to HP support, they don't support Linux ?!?!?!?

 If someone as a clue, everything, that can make me know where is the

 Thanks in advance.



1. HP LaserJet 3200 (1200) USB works without drivers

I had a problem printing with this printer on FreeBSD 4.6, that was
just solved with someones help in the newsgroup.. so here are the

 Compile the kernel with ulpt, usb, ugen, uhci/ohci support.

 in dmesg, make sure the UHCI/OHCI gets an interrupt.

 setup your printer in windows and right after a printout, pull out
the usb plug.(this is to make sure the printer is in the printing
state, not by default)

 plug it into the FreeBSD machine

 check in /var/log/messages and usbdevs -v, do you see the printers

 sent a test txt to the printer which should be ugen0.1 or ulpt or
unlpt. try this: ls > /dev/ugen0.1

 Do you get a printout? if it says 'device not configured' change the
/dev entry and keep trying. if any of the above devices dont exist try
making it with MAKEDEV. Careful not to 'make' a file there with ls >
device.. if you do, delete it and MAKEDEV it.

 at this point the printer is setup although not quite configured. I
take it ps and PDF files can be easily sent, like text.

 for spooling, setup /etc/printcap. Heres my entry:

lp|HP LaserJet 3200|local line printer:\

 see the ugen0.1 device? replace it and the spool directory.

 to setup a samba share doesnt take much. just make a share with the
same name as the 'lp' for instance in my printcap above... hereis an
entry in my /usr/local/etc/smb.conf:

        path = /var/spool/lpd
        guest ok = Yes
        status = Yes
        printable = Yes
        printer name = lp

 I used swat to enter it. Please note this is a very liberal setting
for home use, not a large office. For that you'll have to hire me :)

 Next change the permissions on the spool directory to make it
writable by anyone. I did a 'chmod 666 spooldir' since this is home.
Then restart smbd and nmbd.

 Next from your windows host, browse to the freebsd host and double
click on its printer share. It will ask for which driver to install,
better have it beforehand since nothings stored on the FreeBSD. Once
it is setup, you can start printing right away.

 Note the only problem with this setting is that after some jobs, the
printer passes through a blank page. This can supposedly be fixed by
the real hp linux driver located at but last time I
tried to compile it on freebsd, didnt compile in USB support, and
there were no settings for it in the makefile. Please post followups
to this posting with success/failure ratings with details.

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