Problem with mitsumi CD rom

Problem with mitsumi CD rom

Post by John Burt » Sun, 16 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to install the Yggdradsil plug and pla ylinux.
It is the old summer 94 one.

It all goes fine for a while but after a random time I start getting
mcd:status timed out
mcd:data times out

messages and the cdrom can no longer be read by the system.
The cdrom works fine under DOS.

Any ideas/suggestions would be welcomed.


1. HELP: problem with Mitsumi CD-ROM when installing

I'm trying to upgrade my Linux System with Slackware 2.3. I've got a
IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM (Mitsumi) that works fine under DOS and Windows but I can't
make it work under Linux. I've tried to install the whole system again booting
from floppy with de idecd and mitsumi kernels and they don't find my CD-ROM.

I've tried with ramdisk root=/dev/fd0 mcd=0x0170,15 option too (I've got a EIDE
disk controler and this are the parameters that appear to me when booting from
DOS), but I didn't work.

The setup program can't find my CD either when scanning.

Could anyone tell me the right kernel to use or what I've to do ???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

                              Nacho Herrero


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