Script required: ATA66/UDMA2 HD Boot Param's

Script required: ATA66/UDMA2 HD Boot Param's

Post by Kenneth McVay, O » Wed, 26 Dec 2001 18:00:02

I am trying to install Linux (Corel & Mandrake 6.1) w/ a 20-gig UDMA2
hard disk, and need a boot script. Can anyone assist or provide same?


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1. What average result for '' hdparm -t "" with ATA66 HD ??


It seems my new harddrive do not operate at its best speed. Here is my hardware

- Celeron 500
- 192Mo ram
- MB Chaintech 6ATA2 (via chipset 686A UDMA66)
- I just intalled Mandrake 8
- on a brand new Seagate Barracuda ATAIII (UDMA100,
 but downgraded to UDMA66 with seagate utility), 40Gb, master on the first IDE
channel, with ATA66/100 cable
- Seagate Medalist, 4Go (UDMA33), slave on primary channel
- Quantum Fireball, 3.2Go (UDMA33), master on 2nd channel
- HP CdWriter (UDMA33), slave on 2nd channel

hdparm t /dev/hda give me 11,90Mb/s, but I read that someone whith an IBM 60GXP
got a below average result with 18Mb/s for ATA66 mode !!

I am also disappointed because it runs nearly to the same speed than the two
other old drives, 9Mb/s. After some searches, I found a command I don't remember
exactly (something like " gresp | .... dma ") that display the IDE controler and
hardrive modes. I see in the output  that the controler is ata66, but each
harddrive line (hda, b and c) end with " (UDMA33) ".

After other searches, I found that I have to add ? append=" ide0=ata66" ? (or
ata100) to lilo.conf if linux does not use UDMA66. Also there is a line " lba32
" in my lilo.conf, which seems good, and ? append=" hdd=ide-scsi quiet" ? for
the CD-writer. So the append line become ? append=" ide0=ata66 hdd=ide-scsi
quiet ?. I save lilo.conf, type " /sbin/lilo " and I reboot my PC. This time I
see (UDMA66), that is good, but the speed test give the same result.

I found other internet ressources about hdparm, to activate Multisector I/O to
speed hardrives. ? hdparm i /dev/hda ? give me MaxMultiSec=16 but MultiSec=off
(not activated). So I type ? hdparm m16 /dev/hda ? and ? hdparm d1 /dev/hda ?
(lba 32 bits) and I see with ? hdparm i /dev/hda ? that MultiSect became 16.
Unfortunately, this do not changed the speed test anymore.

As a new linux user, I don't know what to do next. All BIOS settings are auto
for hardrive or enabled for udma options. I can see on the boot screen that the
new drive is UDMA66.

Any ideas ?,


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