upgrade redhat 4.1 -> 4.2

upgrade redhat 4.1 -> 4.2

Post by Bill » Wed, 02 Jul 1997 04:00:00

I downloaded a number of the .rpm files from the redhat ftp site.
I attempted to run "rpm -Uvh" on each package, but I did not obtain
the results I expected.  For example, I ran rpm update on
kernel-2.0.30-2.src.rpm but I did not find any changed files on my
system.  i.e. I did find the appropriate kernel directory under
/usr/src where my current 2.0.27 kernel exists.

What am I doing wrong and what is the proper procedure for
update to 4.2 files?




upgrade redhat 4.1 -> 4.2

Post by G?ran Uddebo » Fri, 04 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Bill  randomly punched a keyboard and produced:

Quote:>For example, I ran rpm update on


That is the sources for the kernel package.  This installs spec files
under /usr/src/redhat/SPECS, sources under /usr/src/redhat/SOURCE.

What you probably want to install is the binary for the kernel
package, kernel-2.0.30-2.i386.rpm

(or sparc, or alpha).


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