Smoothwall 1.0 Error on floppy Install (Error 0x10)

Smoothwall 1.0 Error on floppy Install (Error 0x10)

Post by J We » Thu, 23 Jan 2003 07:50:13

I am doing the http/ftp install of Smoothwall 1.0. After inserting
Floppy and allowing machine to boot I receive the message about Smooth
wall and the am prompted with the : 'Press RETURN to begin the
installation process.'

I press return and get:
Loading Smoothwall

It cranks away for a while and then I receive:
Error 0x10

Has anyone ever heard of this problem or experienced it? I don't think
it's the floppy.

Machine Details:
Old HP
Celeron 366
64 meg RAM
2 NICs 1 on board, 1 is a Netgear.

I don;t think the hardware is the problem because I am not even
getting to the prompt for the driver disk.



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I get the same error with the other two images on the disk.  One is
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the gzip and rawrite utilities from


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