Re Yamaha OPL3 SAx sound card config

Re Yamaha OPL3 SAx sound card config

Post by Nicholas Pesc » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

ThanksJames,  that partially helped.  If made me try again, and I looked at
the man for sndconfig, and found the
--noprobe option.   ( It still will not work if it probes.  Don't know why.)
I ran it with noprobe, and used your settings, and actually most any of the
combinations worked.  It performed a wav test and I could hear the sample.
However, it next attempted to test a midi file, and it failed.
Consequently, the program would not write the configuration into the
necessary config files, so I still have no sound.

The error was:  error in  running  /2.2.9-19mdk/misc/opl3.o  init_module:
Device or resource busy.

Any ideas of what I need to do?
Also how are the snd_midi_port=-1 and snd_fm_prt=0x388 set?  None of that
appears in the options under sndconfig.  Are they just automatic after the
choices are made?

Thanks again


1. Yamaha OPL3 SAX sound card config

Do any of the resident gurus know how to fix the sound card config for this
yamaha card??

I run sndconfig.  It finds the card, sets up the irq as 5, DMA 0 and DMa 1
resource byte locations 0530, 0380 etc just about like in windows, but when
it test for sound, it gives an error:  fatal error attempting to allocate 8
bytes at 02f8, as if this resource is being used.  It then goes to manual
config, and I've tried EVERY permutation of irq, dma, resources bytes etc,
they all give varying errors.  It seems it boils down to this 02f8
I've run dmesg, and don't see anything allocated at 02f8, and 02f8 isn't
even listed as a location, in the config choices, but it apparently is
I thought that 02f8 is generally tied to the COM2 port, but I've tried it
disabled and enabled, neither work.

Anyone have any idea of whats going on?



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