Advice on hardware for linux/sendmail/inn/ftp server

Advice on hardware for linux/sendmail/inn/ftp server

Post by Timothy Kell » Fri, 31 Jul 1998 04:00:00


I wll be setting up a small server for mail, news and ftp services for
about 375 users.  This will probably be running Red Hat 5.1, Sendmail,
INN and FTP.  Later on, possibly Apache as well.

I was just curious as to the hardware I've picked out and whether
anyone has any comments regarding compatibility, etc.
So, here's my hardware list:

IBM ultrastar 9ES 4.5GB UW drive
 (or maybe ultrastar 9LP)
Mylex Flashpoint DW BT9
Corsair 128MB ECC parity PC100 SDRAM
Intel P2-233
VGA card

I heard Mylex is the best controller for Linux.  Does anyone have any
comments?  Will I need to install any drivers, or is there already a
kernel that supports this controller?

What about tape drives?  Any suggestions?

Tim Kelley