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: Do you have any idea what 42,000 one-dollar bills looks like piled
: up on the kitchen table? ... IT'S  AWESOME !!!
: W. K. Stone
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I'll have a little more vacation time saved up in a month or two ... Any
chance you might slack off on the housekeeping duties and not clear off
the kitchen table after dinner tonight?


1. AWESOME: Linux performance (l world)

Just had to share this with everyone:
(486/66 w48MB ram, aha2842 + 2 FAST-II SCSI drives)
Libc4.7.4,libc5.0.9, system almost completely elf - 1.2.8elf.

  2:05am  up 3 days, 21:33, 26 users,  load average: 0.20, 0.15, 0.15

24 users dialed in through Cyclades serial ports (A lot more during
regular working hours - 40 users)
149 processes running, 65 of them virtual web servers - my personal mods to
ncsa's httpd_1.4.2 + Linux patches -
205 Unix domain sockets  (I simply recompiled Linux with higher limits..)
- Please increase the limits in the standard kernels
(If it's still hard coded.. can't get anything higher than 1.2.8 working..)

Lots of push/pull html animations, wais searching..
A fair amount of SQL database work as all system accounting is done on a
SQL database engine that customers can query at any time through the web.

I have only patched 1.2.8 for:
More Unix domain sockets.
More Cyclades ports.
Better aha2842 startup default ie: force extended HSC translation.
Security fix (sigurg If I remember right..)

sockets: used 260
TCP: inuse 78 highest 191
UDP: inuse 14 highest 54
RAW: inuse 0 highest 2
PAC: inuse 0 highest 3

Actually, there is other things I had to do like modify DIP-337n-uri
and PPPd-2.1.2d to support >32 network devices (patches submitted and approved)

but the system is basically stock 1.2.8(elf).(gcc2.7.0,libc5.0.9,mainly elf)
I'm just packing on the processes!
It is our main SLIP/virtual web box for Global-X-Change communications  It is connected to a high speed fractional T1
(Not quite T1 yet.. shortly) and it seems to handle the traffic nicely.

The only beef I have is that I'm routing NetBSD people who require Linux
to route RFC1312 traffic.  Can someone just allow these packets to be passed
through the Linux box?

Man, this thing works so well!!
Another thing that works so well is Linux1.2.8 with the IP_MASQUERADING
(patched) working.  Our entire Internal network (RFC 1597 compliant network)
gets routed by a 25Mhz 386/8MB RAM using ip_masq.  Helps make a great
Another thing that works so well is samba!  All our Internal Winnt, WFW,
Win95 machines use samba to directly edit web pages on the Linux box, act
as printer servers (Linux lpd print servers through MagicFilter too -awesome)
and file servers.
I'm not making any of this up.  Our Unix development people love Linux too and
are heavy into perlTk-b8, and Hot-Java. Yes! Hot-Java for Linux!!!!
Don't bug me for any info, we're only helping test it but hot-java has been


HOPE that no one gets upset that this isn't directly Linux-development or
network related but I think that people would like to hear how Linux is being
used in a real business solving real-world problems making real-world money.
And, doing it very well.

PS, this is only a handfull of stuff that we use Linux for but I was beginning
to sound a little bit like a bible thumper and thought I had better lay off
heh heh:-)

2. nice & sheduler under Solaris 2.3 not working right ??


4. solaris 2.5/x86

5. Accelerated-X is awesome!

6. AIX Drivers for VME, Industry Packs

7. Awesome Pentium motherboard

8. Slow until e2fsck does something

9. Awesome Linux System Board: Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus!

10. AWESOME: Linux performance (l world)

11. Awesome


13. Awesome new toolkit for Linux/X11: MGUI!!