XFree86Config and Hitachi Mx 166T setup problem

XFree86Config and Hitachi Mx 166T setup problem

Post by Kiwan L » Tue, 02 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I have Hitachi Mx 166 TFT laptop with ct65550 video card. I am running
Redhat 5.0 on it.

I would like to know the exact specification of my TFT monitor for
"XFree86Config" setup.

I manage to find the following lines by try and error.

"HorizSync 30-64"
"VertRefresh 50-90"
"Clocks 25.175 36"

It seems to work fine. However, I need more sureness.

I talked to Hitachi company, but they declined to release monitor
specifications for some reasons (maybe warranty or liability issue).
If there is anyone who happens to know the product specifications about
frequencies, please let me know.


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