HELP! - CLOS hangs after install

HELP! - CLOS hangs after install

Post by Rodney Coope » Tue, 27 Mar 2001 10:35:10

I just installed a drive with Corel Linux OS Deluxe installed. It hangs when
it gets to the start screen and if you select Maint,Expert, or VGA mode i
get "root fs not mounted" and hangs.

Also if I try to reinstall - the computer keeps rebooting.  Computer meets
all requirements - the only if is a Sounblaster PCI512 soundcard.

Does anyone have a work around?


1. install of CLOS cd-ROm and operating system once installed

I've installed and completed  CD-Rom of CLOS.  I'am now stuck because I do
not know how to access from DOS mode that allows for Linux and windows
compatability.  Very frustrated, because I do not have a grat deal of
computer experience.  Basically, how do I get to Linux.  Corel customer
service not very helpful. Mentioned something about F8 and entering cdl
prompt but operator couldn't spend any time to cover.  So basically, I've
spent $40.00 to explore Linus=x and now stuck in mud.  Please help if you
have time, kindness, and patience.

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