WD 1.08 Gig, Kernel 1.1.93

WD 1.08 Gig, Kernel 1.1.93

Post by John M. Trind » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 01:43:17

As a result of two hard drive crashes within a week, I have lost 1) the
source code to 1.1.93, and 2) an easy way to get it back.  At one time I
was running 3 IDE drives with this kernel.

I'm attempting to move my system from two Maxtor IDEs to one WD 1.08 gig
and one Maxtor.  My controller allows connection of up to 4 drives...

My two problems are this:

1) I have the WD set up as 2100 cylinders.  I can use the root partition,
and extend my secondary file system until it hits the 1024 cylinder
boundary.  After that it starts giving weird messages (although it mkfs's
OK, it doesn't fsck reliably).

2) I can't seem to access /dev/hdc.  I've set up the devices in /dev with
the right attributes, and device numbers 3/128, 3/129, 3/130, etc.  When
the system boots, the kernel says "hdc: multi mode disabled", then "hdc:
hdc1" which is correct (there is only one partition on that drive, which
is the Maxtor 200 MB at the moment).  When I log in as root, and run
fdisk /dev/hdc I get a never-ending string of error messages (something
like "VM buffer failure"??? Sorry, I don't have the exact text).  Hmm...
the 200 MB works fine as a "master", maybe it doesn't as a stand-alone on
the second drive?  I assumed the jumpers were the same...

The kernel I am using was compiled with the "old" HD driver for the
primary and the "new" IDE stuff for the secondary.  Is this the problem
with situation 1?

When I was running 3 drives successfully, I did get the "multi mode
disabled" message each boot.  My devs look like:

brw-rw-rw       root    disk    hdc     3,128
brw-rw-rw       root    disk    hdc1    3,129
brw-rw-rw       root    disk    hdc2    3,130

I have an unholy mix of Ygg Summer 94 and Fall 94 on the Maxtor 300, and
am trying to install entirely Fall 94 on the 1.08 Gig.  This has lead to
a whole mess of problems (different inittab, different rc setup, etc.)
which makes the normal "download the kernel source again and recompile"
option tough.


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