EIDE Hard drive > 2.0GB; got it working, but...

EIDE Hard drive > 2.0GB; got it working, but...

Post by Kevin Mart » Sun, 21 Dec 1997 04:00:00

This is curious.  I got a 3.5GB Fujitsu hard drive for a friend, but the
BIOS on her machine wouldn't have a thing to do with it (and I wasn't about
to put Disk Mangler on it), so I kept it and dedicated it to a Linux box
using a motherboard with somewhat more recent firmware.

Could not get it to work except as a 2.0GB disk (2048 cyl).  It's been
working fine, but today I said "what the heck" and changed the BIOS
settings back to 3.5GB (6780/16/63) and fired up fdisk. Told LILO to append
the "linear" option -- and presto, there was my extra gig and a half, as
free space at the end of the drive.  So I said "Kewl!" and made two
partitions... and fdisk blew up.

But the machine still boots, LILO is perfectly happy, everything is still
there,  and I was even able to mk2efs both partitions!  fdisk STILL won't
run, says "Can't read /dev/hda" -- but *everything works.*  I'm scratching
my head a bit, and I'd like to know what's going on....

Please share with the group, might be interesting and educational for all.


1. Cannot boot after Installing SCO Unix on IDE Hard Drive > 2.0Gb

Hi everyone,

I want to install SCO Unix on a Pentium PC with 16 Mb RAM and 2.5Gb IDE
hard disk.  I already have a Windows 95 partition and I want to use the
rest of the hard disk for SCO.

Apparently, I have been told that it is bug with SCO that it cannot handle
IDE's greater than 2Gb.  So they recommended that I download the oss451b
supplement from the SCO server which I have done.  
I've then tried to re-install SCO.

At boot prompt, I typed 'ahslink' .  Then I typed 'wd' as the package to
install.  It then starts to link the 'wd' drivers from the oss451b
supplement and everything is going along smoothly.
I get back to the installation screens.  I am installing from a CD-ROM so I
select SCSI CD-ROM adaptor as the installation media.  (The CD-ROM is
assigned as a Secondary-IDE master)

Parameters I have chosen:
        SCSI host adapter type: wd
        host adapter number: 1
        SCSI id: 0
        SCSI LUN: 0
        SCSI bus: 0

I then enter the license numbers and the rest.  Selected interactive divvy
for partitioning rest of hard drive for Unix. It then starts installing

"After installation, I reboot.
I press return after the boot prompt and I get the following error

WARNING: hd: no root disk controller
H iinit
PANIC: srmountfun: - Error 19 mounting rootdev (1/42)
Error 19 opening dumpdev (1/41)

Dump not completed."

What have I done wrong, what do I need to do.  Relink the kernel?  If so,
how do I do it?

Once again your help will be greatly appreciated!

Nick Gekas

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