ATAPI CDRom on the IDE interface of a ESS Audiodrive 1868

ATAPI CDRom on the IDE interface of a ESS Audiodrive 1868

Post by Daniel Demu » Mon, 12 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I am trying to get my Pioneer DR-UA124X to run through the IDE interface on my
soundcard. I read in the Sound-HOWTO there is a driver for the Mad16+assorted
other cards, isb16 (IIRC). I was wondering whether there is a similar
driver/kernel module/whatever that works with the 1868.

It works fine under Win98, where the "Standard IDE Harddisk Controller" is

Any help would be appreciated.



1. ESS Audiodrive ESS-1868 PnP w/ linux

Hey eveybody

I've got an ESS Audiodrive ESS-1868 plug-n-play soundcard.  I seem to
recall having had it work previously with linux just by specifying in
the kernel, SB16, IO=220, IRQ=7, DMA=1, MPU_IO=330 etc...but now it's
not so easy.  I'll probably have to do something like a pnpdump and all
that jazz, but i'm kind of new to pnp under linux, so i thought I'd save
the trouble by checking here...

Anyone sucecssfully setup this card under linux?  if so can you email me
pertinent info, like isapnp.conf settings, kernel config settings etc?
I miss it when asmail plays the gong when i get mail :-(


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