find isnt finding old articles?

find isnt finding old articles?

Post by Sys. Admin » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I still have articles in /usr/spool/news/* that are older then 35 days :(
and the space is fuilling up did I enter the info wrong somehow? this is
running from userid news's crontab...

the more specific ones do seem to be working which is puzzleing me?

10 23 * * * find /usr/spool/news -type f -mtime +35 -print -exec rm {} \;
| Mail -s "Expire all news" usenet

this one doesnt work (it is really all on  1 line)

10 23 * * * find /usr/spool/news/alt/support/depression -type f -mtime
+15 -print -exec rm {} \; | Mail -s "Expire" usenet

this one works fine  ?? (also all on 1 line)

there are articles that are more then 35 days old....
we get/post news thru suck/blow package, with Ed Carp's enhancements.

what can I do to

  (a) run 1 time (so its cleans up before the filesystem runs out of space)
  (b) get it run daily to contine housecleaning

thanks in advance

                                 a very *fuzzy*,


find isnt finding old articles?

Post by Jonathan Kame » Mon, 24 Apr 1995 04:00:00

|> 10 23 * * * find /usr/spool/news -type f -mtime +35 -print -exec rm {} \;
|> | Mail -s "Expire all news" usenet
|> this one doesnt work (it is really all on  1 line)

Perhaps it doesn't work because /usr/spool/news is a symbolic link?  Try
changing "/usr/spool/news" in the command above to "/usr/spool/news/."
(including the final period!).


1. Finding old directories with find -mtime

Hi all,

No flames please. This is not as easy as it looks...

The goal: The find all directories which are say over 30 days old and
print them...with a view to alerting users and possibly archiving
them... easy you say....

find . -type d -mtime +30 -prune -exec du -sk {} \\;|sort -nr |

This even nicely gives the size... but it doesn't do exactly what I
want, because there could be sub-dirs that might be very active. If I
leave out the prune I get lots more dirs, but I still don't know if
any one is really valid. I could add a depth option but that doesn't
help because it will still print out invalid dirs, just in a different

The only solutions I see are.... find all dirs younger than 30 and
compare with the older ones and do lots of manipulating...or  make
some kind of recusive script to run under -exec in the find command.
Neither very elegant...

              |-->2 (35 days)-->6 (2 days)
1(100days)--->|-->3 (15 days)-->5 (35 days)
              |-->4 (40 days)    

what should be returned is
and nothing else... but find as outlined will get

This should be something lots of people would want to do. Am I missing
someting obvious?

John McDonnell.
Cork, Ireland.

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