Ethernet Trouble

Ethernet Trouble

Post by Michael L. Dre » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

I have three machines running 2.0.30. All three machines lock up
when I flood ping them ( ping -f ) and then do something that causes
some local disk I/O.

Two of the machines are Magitronic PCI 486Dx4-100 and the other is a
generic P100 clone. I really thought upgrading from 2.0.17 would fix
this probelm but it didn't. I also see the problem if I run 1.2.13!

I have tried DEC Tulip and AMD Lance ethernet cards and the results have
been the same.... I have tried all manner of BIOS settings (cache
disable, etc) with no luck!

Three out of four times a RESET will bring them back. Other times the
hard drive is nuked (partition table gone).

I am just about out of clues and would love to get some more.

Please email!




1. Sound and ethernet troubles

I have been toying with linux now for a few months and have been perpetually
running into some problems.  I first installed RH5.0, and because of an
inability to get the network working correctly I was forced to downgrade to
RH4.2.  However, I recently did a complete overhaul of my machine, which
caused me to have to reinstall linux.  At the advice of a friend I decided
to try 5.0 again.

This time 5.0 worked perfectly, until last weekend.  During the upgrade
process, I was forced to replace my sound card because of an unresolvable
hardware conflict in win 95.  I just got the sound card this past weekend.
Upon installing it, the network was gone in linux.  I have tried recompiling
the kernel to add support for the sound card, but this did not help.  I am
at a total loss as to what to try next.

Here is a little information that might help:
Sound Card:  Sound Blaster AWE 64
Ethernet card:  3-COM 3C509B (ISA)
Kernel version:  2.0.33
I am using the drivers that came with the kernel to run the sound card, but
I have downloaded the most recent drivers for the ethernet card.

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Steven D. Hurst
Georgia Institute of Technology

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