Kickstart on RedHat 6.0 not recognizing SCSI controller

Kickstart on RedHat 6.0 not recognizing SCSI controller

Post by jillash.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm trying to get RedHat 6.0 to load via kickstart without any user
intervention.  So far it seems to be working.  However, it will not
recognize my Adaptec 1520b SCSI controller card.  When I load Linux
manually off the CD I have to choose the scsi driver (aha152x) and then
rather than autoprobe, I must choose specify options and type
With this all said and done, the controller is recognized and I can
access my scsi tape drive.  I am stuck as far as how to do this in
Here are some examples of what I've tried in my ks.cfg file:

device scsi aha152x --opts "aha152x=0x340,10,7,1,1"
device scsi aha152x --opts "io=0x340, irq=10, scsi_id=7, reconnect=1,

I've tried these both with and without setting noprobe.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me?


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I have an ISA SCSI controller (AHA1522B) to which Iomega Jaz external
and Plextor SCSI CD-ROM internal are attached and a PCI SCSI (AHA2940UW)
with two wide hard drives attached (C:, D:).

When I tried to boot from Debian Linux (Debian GNU/Linux 1.2.2), the
first SCSI controller (AHA1522B) was not recognized, but AHA2940UW was.
I disabled the bios of AHA1522B in vain. I tried with Slackware Linux
with the same result.

I can connect the CD-ROM to AHA2940UW, but I have Jaz still on the
AHA1522B since AHA2940UW works that way.

Please let me know if there is any way I can use both of the controllers
or I can use all of the devices (Wide SCSI H/Ds, SCSI CD-ROM, SCSI Jaz)
on the AHA2940UW..

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