cant find ppp-on

cant find ppp-on

Post by ne.. » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

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>I am using Redhat 5.2. I am able to use pppd to setup a connection
>as root. But I cannot setup connection as any other user. I realize
>that I need a file called ppp-on. But I cant find the file
>can any one send me a ppp-on file that I should use or tell me where
>I can find such a file.

>I am using a chat file to automatically set the connection. Your help
>will be greatly appreciated.

If you used netcfg & to set this up, make sure
you ticked the boxes about normal users starting
and stoping the interface.

Usernet is a proggie that you or any user on your
system can use to start pppd. This only works in X.
To start the interface from the command line, the
following can be used:

alias callit='/usr/sbin/usernetctl ifcfg-ppp0 up'
alias discon='/usr/sbin/usernetctl ifcfg-ppp0 down'

At least that's what I used in ~/.bashrc before I
dumped my modem.

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cant find ppp-on

Post by Gene Hesket » Tue, 27 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to ne... ;

Quote:> alias callit='/usr/sbin/usernetctl ifcfg-ppp0 up'
> alias discon='/usr/sbin/usernetctl ifcfg-ppp0 down'

I put these in my /.bashrc, and the work like a champ, except for one
rather glareing problem!

This machine uses the 'Miami' tcp program which is a pretty well
integrated tcp stack/dialer/swiss-army-knife.  My ISP has several banks
of modems, not all of which are 56k models.  We change modems by
changing the phone number we dial in on.

Miami, running thru a Zoom 56k dual mode external modem has no problem
negotiation the login chat on any of the modem banks, and I have it
usualy set to rotate to the next number if that ones all busy.

If I use a number leading to one of their 33.6 modem banks, it works
great, albeit slower than I'd like.

If I use the number that gets the 56k modems, the login chat fails
because there is no response to the ConfReq PAP challenge from the ISP.

One clue that I see is that the initial Linux send is:

LCP ConfigReq id=0x01 <magic xxxxxxxxx> <pcomp> <accomp>

but MIami sends:

LCP ConfigReq ID=1 ACCM=000a0000 MRU=1500 Magic=xxxxxxxx PFC ACFC

Both logs show success, miami all the way thru.  Linux fails after 10
repeats of sending:

PAP AuthReq id=0xn username password

and getting no response from the ISP.  I suspect this is because no
compression has been negotiated.  

Anybody got any ideas? I can't find anyplace to turn on the VJC and such
in the ppp0 configs.

Cheers, Gene
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