parallel port PCMCIA card reader

parallel port PCMCIA card reader

Post by bia.. » Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:23:33

Has anyone setup a windows type parallel port card reader?
I have a camera-mate which works w/ Win (and also OS/2 DOS from drive a).
I don't see any way to get it to work in Linux (RH and SuSe)
Thanks, FXS

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Sandisk is  apparently ducking the question: Why no DOS (or Linux)
drivers for their Parallel Port
CF card  reader: "Imagemate"?? Only Windoz, Windoz, ad infinitum! Yet
they produce DOS  drivers
for some of  their  other stuff  according to their website.

Read the 'OEM' page and they discuss how compatible their cf cards  
are  to  the DOS filesystem, etc.
The thought ocurrs to me that command-line access to the  cf  card may
be 'trivial'. Is there a scintilla
of truth to  this notion?? I.e., with the cardreader hooked to the
parallel port, perhaps Linux could access
the  cf card as an IDE device. Without  the cutsie icon on the desktop
like their program creates- convenient
but not reallly needed.

Any  thoughts or leads much appreciated.


Little-known fact: Dogs love carrots.
Yes,  I do need a new keeyboard!

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