Connecting to the Internet with Linux RedHat 5.X

Connecting to the Internet with Linux RedHat 5.X

Post by James Maddiso » Sun, 13 Sep 1998 04:00:00

There are 2 ways that you can do this: 1) via X Windows; and, 2) via
commnand line.  This advice is written from the persepective of the
system of being used a workstation, not as a server, and assumes that
you have properly configured kernel, i.e. mainly that you have PPP
support in the kernel.

I'll explain the X Windows method here and point you in the right
direction for the command line method:

1)  As root, startx,

2)  Open the Contol Panel if it's not already open,

3)  Select the Network Configuration icon,

4)  Under "Names" (the first tab visible by default), enter your ISP's
domain in "domain".  Enter your ISP's Namesever info.

5)  Click "Interfaces", then  "Add", then select PPP as the device type,
enter the appropriate information here.  I won't go into the detail
because once you get here it's pretty self evident and you'll know this

6)  Next, choose "Customize", the first visible tab is "Hardware",
again, enter the appropriate information here and make sure that you
select "Allow any user to (de)activate the interface" so that you can
activate the connection as an oridinary user.

7)  Next, select the "Communication" tab and enter your modem init
strings, etc here.

8)  Click "Done", and save the configuration when it asks you to.

Some notes on name server entries.  I have run across one situation
where the ISP's name server entries had to have leading 0's (zeroes) in
the name server IP addy's.  It wouldn't work any other way.  I assumed
that this was a naming convention on that ISP's part, though they  made
no mention of that in their information.  My setup works fine without
that format for the name servers IP addy's.  Example one of My ISP's
name servers's is, for this example of this one system setup
I would have had to enter this as instead.  Strange, but

Here's the link to RedHat's documentation on the Network portion of the
control panel:

If you want the general Control Panel link as well just change the
"doc068.html" at the end of the link to "doc064.html".

Information on how to set this up a PPP connection via the command line
can be found at:

There are some differences from this documentation for RedHat systems.
Mainly that to start the PPP connection you would issue, as root,
ifup-pppX, where X=the PPP device number, typicaly 0 on a workstation.
As an ordinary user you would issue ./sbin/ifup-pppX instead, as long as
you've set the permissions properly.  Actually all you have to do is
edit the network scripts to say "yes" to "USERCTL".  This is an option
in the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-pppX file, again where X=the
PPP device number (typically ppp0).  

Finally, below is another link to RedHat concerning "Network
Administration".  This should answer some of your questions.  Pay close
attention to the comments about the /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny
files as they concern access to your machine, and hence conern system
security.  You can also read the man files on your system for
information about these 2 files.

Hope this is of some help,


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