Lilo boot problems

Lilo boot problems

Post by mouka.. » Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have been running Linux for about 2 months on a 486-DX33 EISA with a SCSI drive and had no problem
with either installation or configuration. I reinstalled Linux on the same machine after just reformatting the partition
(partitions have not been changed). I foolowed the same steps I took during the first installations from my notes
but this time Lilo hangs the system as soon as Lil_ is displayed. The system boots perfectly from a floppy and the
Lilo config file is exactly similar to the old one. By the way, both times I have not installed Lilo on the Master Boot
Record of the drive but on the Linux partition so I don't think that FDISK /FBR would work. I tried reinstalling Lilo
many times  but could not get rid of the problem...
Is there a way to fix the problem without reformatting the partition?

Nadir Moukheiber


1. Lilo boot problem: doesn't boot dos (invalid media type)

I installed redhat 3.0.3 on my second eide hard drive. Initially I put
lilo on a floppy and it was working fine. Today I decided to reinstall
lilo on my first hard drive (master). When rebooted it could not start
windows 95. The following list tells what I did to recover and what did
not work in order.
1. boot dos from floppy
   fdisk /mbr did not work
   sys c: gave invalid media type error.
   using fdisk I viewed the partition tabel and the system was UNKNOWN

2. boot with lilo floppy to linux
   mount -t msdos /dev/hda /mnt
   ls /mnt
   gave invalid file type error.

3. I tried lilo -u but no luck.
   same problems as above: both linux and dos could not read the c drive

4. I copied boot.0300 to /dev/hda
   now linux could see some files but with weird names in my c drive

5. I rebooted without floppy and I got invalid system disk error.

Now the situation is linux can see some files with weird names and dos
gives invalid media type error.

Any help will be appreciated.

Hulya K. Kuzucu Eraslan    
Department of Economics      
University of Minnesota                          

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