AudioPCI drivers for 2.0.35-SuSE

AudioPCI drivers for 2.0.35-SuSE

Post by Carlos Domingue » Sun, 09 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I tried to apply Alan Cox's 2.0.34 modular sound patch to my 2.0.35 SuSE
kernel sources, but instead of the expected reject for a readme file, I had
about four rejects.

Has anyone been able to apply this patch cleanly on the SuSE kernel sources?

I know about the opensound (aka OSS) AudioPCI support, but I'm slightly ticked
that they decided to make AudioPCI an 'added option' when my license file states
in plain english that I'm entitled to upgrades until 2001. I'm going to give
them their $10 USD probably since I don't wan't to waste days on end getting
this to work, If I can't patch my kernel sources cleanly.

Thanks in advance,


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1. AudioPCI ES1370 - 2.0.35 SuSE - Help!

Hello all,

I cannot get any audible noise from my AudioPCI card under 2.0.35 using
the commercial OSS sound driver at all.

The README says that interrupt sharing is not supported by the driver, so
I moved my AudioPCI card to another slot that is not sharing an IRQ.

My /dev/sndstat entries look OK. The card works under windoze 95/98/NT so
it's not a hardware issue per se.

And yes I set my mixer outputs to 75:75 on all outputs and also enabled/disabled
four channel support as well, (I only use two speakers presently anyway).

I even tried to patch my SuSE kernel sources with Alan Cox's modular sound
drivers, but I got five rejects instead of the expected one, so I can't even
compile that as an option.

Any ideas would be welcomed. Flames to /dev/null

My /dev/sndstat and /proc/pci snippets follows.

===== begin /dev/sndstat ======================

OSS/Linux 3.9.1a (C) 4Front Technologies 1996-1998

License serial number: XXXXXXXXXX
Options: APCI
This copy of OSS is licensed to Carlos Dominguez

Kernel: Linux corunna 2.0.35 #1 Wed Aug 12 21:40:46 EDT 1998 i686
Build: 2.0.35

Card config:
Ensoniq AudioPCI at 0x1040 irq 10
SoftOSS Virtual Wave Table

Audio devices:
0: Ensoniq AudioPCI (DUPLEX)
1: Ensoniq AudioPCI (playback only)

Synth devices:
0: SoftOSS v1.2

Midi devices:
0: AudioPCI

0: System clock
1: SoftOSS

0: Ensoniq AudioPCI
1: SoftOSS

===================== end /dev/sndstat ===========================
===================== begin /proc/pci ============================

Bus  0, device  15, function  0:
    Multimedia audio controller: Unknown vendor AudioPCI (rev 0).
Slow devsel.  IRQ 10.  Master Capable.  Latency=96.  Min Gnt=12.Max Lat=128. I/O
at 0x1040.

===================== end /proc/pci ==============================



Carlos Dominguez - Chief Bottle Washer
Dominca Systems Inc.
send all replies/cc's/email/responses to
myfirstname at mylastname dot com

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