Monitor setup

Monitor setup

Post by Cyril Plas » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I need the xconfigurator info for a Dell trinitron 17 in monitor, 1000HS



1. RH5 & Monitor Setup

Just tried to use the Xconfigurator utility to begin setting up for
XWindows. When I got to the Monitor selection I was stumped. I have a
generic monitor so I chose Custom. I found that within the generic
selections a monitor of my horizonal sync rate was not listed.

The specs for my SVGA monitor are:

Resolution:        1024X768 max
Input Video Sync:  Horiz 30 - 50 KHz,  Vertical 47 - 104 Hz
Video Response:    65 MHz nominal

The lowest Horizontal rate listed in the Xconfigurator Custom
menu was 60Hz. If I am reading my specs right, mine is 50. The
RH instructions were pretty adamant about not selecting a rate
higher than what your monitors capabilites are. What can I do???

Also, the RH menu under custom said that you could input your
own specifications. However, I could find no menu option for
this. Anyone know anything about this?

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