RedHat 5.1 Installation

RedHat 5.1 Installation

Post by Justin Shar » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00


I'm desperately trying to get RedHat 5.1 onto my PC.

I have managed to format my drive with the desired Linux native
partitions etc.  However,  when I get to the point in the install
program where the files are copied the install bombs after a couple of
files.  Error messages are printed across the screen and the machine
is shut down.  The error is as follows:

error 2 reading header: success
        Install exited abnormally
                Sending termination signals...done
                        Sending kill signals...done
                                Unmounting file systems etc etc

All advice gratefully received.


1. BSD Disklabels and Redhat 5.1 Installation

In the Redhat/Alpha Addendum, Redhat states that it supports both Intel
and BSD style partitioning.  When I try to install RedHat after
partitioning with fdisk in BSD mode, or using minlabel, RedHat reports
that the partition table is corrupt and needs to be initialized.

What's the deal?  Is there any guides to doing this.  The reason I want to
use BSD partitioning is so that I can boot using SRM/aboot, since ARC/MILO
crashes on my machine.



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