PPP 'Divide Error', 'Segmentation Fault'

PPP 'Divide Error', 'Segmentation Fault'

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Ok, now I can connect to my ISP with no problems.  The only glitch now
is that If I leave the connection idle (sometimes it dosen't even have
to sit idle) for a few minutes I get:

Divide Error
{lots of other junk, registor values, etc}
Segmentation Fault.

Then any time I use a related command like ping, ftp, telnet, etc. I
also get a divide error.  I have to reboot in order to establish
another connection.

Here is what I have tried to resolve the issue. Using Slackware 3.1

1. Recompiled Kernel 2.0.0
2. Upgraded and compiled Kernel 2.0.13
3. Upgraded procps from .99 to 1.01

Any other ideas.

I've read something about using a newer version of net-tools but I'm
not sure what version I have. Also is there much difference between
pppd v2.2.0 and pppd v2.2.0f?  I seem to be using v2.2.0 but not sure
of the difference.



1. Linux and it's important role in healing the 'digital divide'

Most of us know the exciting possiblities of Linux in the developing world
where money simply does not exist to buy new computers to run expensive,
proprietary software.  Yet is there any formal documention out there directly
outlining why Linux is so suited to playing a great role in healing this so
called 'digital divide'?

I may be wrong be it seems from some initial research that the Linux
community is not doing enough to make its incredible potential in this area
known to the rest of the world.  I checked out the following sites commited
to the introduction of IT and the Internet in developing countries and did
not find one mention of Linux:


Does anyone know of projects like these that are using Linux as a core part
of their solution?

If there is indeed no documentation in this area I would only be too happy to
help develop a jargon-free ' whitepaper' that clearly outlines the great role
Linux can play in the developing world.


Mike Parin.

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