(Newbie)LILO, HD Setup, and RH5 Install

(Newbie)LILO, HD Setup, and RH5 Install

Post by Lael Jone » Fri, 06 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I'm planning on installing RH5 on my PII system in the very near future
(I have already ordered my copy of RH5) and am planning on redoing my
current system in preparation for that install very soon.

I plan to run both Win95 and RH5 and use LILO.  I currently have 2 HD, 1
Syquest EZ-135, and a CD-ROM on my IDE cables and am planning on using
one of the HD solely for Linux.

My question is this: When I redo my system, what would be the best
configuration for arranging my drives to support linux?  I was planning
on the following:

hda* (Win95 stuff)
hdb  (Syquest or CD-ROM)
hdc* (Linux drive)
hdd  (CD-ROM or Syquest).

However, I read in the Installation How to that:

"your boot sectors for any OS have to live on one of the first two
physical disks. Otherwise LILO will hang after writing "LI", no matter
where you run it from."

Does this mean that my desired configuration will not work?  Any replies
would be appreciated.


Lael Jones


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Before a hard drive failure, I had Linux installed and
running fine, (although I had no idea how to use it..)

My new replacement drive is Seagate's new version of my old 2.5 gig IDE
drive.  Unfortunately, Linux (RH50) is not installing on said drive.

The error message I get occurs when it tries to format the partition I
have set for the root file system.
It reads soething like this:

<4> hda: read_intr: status=0x59 {DriveReady ...
            ... SeekComplete DataRequest Error}
<4> hda: read_intr: error=0x10 {SectorIdNotFound}...
            ... LBA sect=########

The error repeats gazillions of times, with ### being an some huge

Does anyone know what this means, or how I can fix it?
Should I send the drive back for another model?

Would anyone responding also do so by e-mail as well as on the group?
Thanks in advance.

Greg Girty

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