Problem with Mitsumi CD-ROM Drive FX001D

Problem with Mitsumi CD-ROM Drive FX001D

Post by Abraham Diaz de Leo » Sat, 13 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'm trying to instal LINUX from Slakware CD-ROM, during booting from the
boot disk I get the following warnings/errors:
"warning bdflush not running"
"mcdx  =init() allocation failed"
The CD-ROM drive works ok under DOS.

Does anybody has experienced this problem? how can I fix it?

Please kindly respond directly to my E-mail account:

Thanks in advance and Season's Greetings



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Has there anyone ever managed to install Linux from a Mitsumi FX001D
CD-ROM drive connected to a sound card?
I have spent many sleepless nights to figure this out. Recently
someone told me that the cause of failure might be a wrong DMA
Can anyone help me?

PS: I know of a warm boot but want to boot from Linux.

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