RedHat/Slackware Install Failure.(Wah)

RedHat/Slackware Install Failure.(Wah)

Post by ZippySe » Tue, 11 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I'm having problems installing linux.  I first tried Slackware '96, and
everything went well all the way through partitioning, and the setup
program, until the disk sets were being installed.  Then I got fairly
continuous error messages stating that files could not be created because
they could not be found(Which sounds kinda crazy to me).  After spitting
out these errors for a while my computer began madly rebooting, over and
over, forcing me to soundly thrash it.

The next day, having rested my foot, I decided to try installing Red hat
instead.  I went ahead and repartitioned the linux partitions from the day
before, and successfully completed the boot into the setup program, and
again everything seemed to go well.  But after I selected my packages and
the setup began the installation I was *ed with errors claiming
files couldn't be created because they didn't exist(?), and archive
extraction failures.  This time after the installing portion finished, and
configuration options appeared but then the computer froze.

Since two completely different distributions failed in a virtually
identical way, I am inclined to believe that I am doing something wrong.
Unfortunately I can't imagine what.  The annoying part is some parts
install correctly, and some don't, so the cdrom is being accessed, but
it's as is the setup configuration differs from the actual setup on the
cd.  Anyway, I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give me, since I
haven't been able to find any clues in the copious linux documents(except
the suggestion that my media may be damaged, but since we're talking about
two cd's it seems unlikely).

Thanks in advance, Ally


1. IBM ValuePoint; Slackware 2.3 install failure.

Hi --

I've been trying to install Linux, Slackware distribution, v.2.3, on
an old IBM PS/Valuepoint 486SX/25 running OS/2 2.1.  The machine has
two Western Dig. hard drives -- the first, a 170 (163) MB, the second
a 340.  Currently, the first partition on the C: (170) drive and the
entire D: drive are OS/2 FAT partitions.  I used OS/2 FDISK to make a
bootable primary partition for Linux following the OS/2 partition on
C: drive, and also created a 20-MB swap partition after it (and ahead
of the OS/2 Boot Mgr partition).  

I'm using the BARE bootdisk and the COLOR144 rootdisk.  

During the hardware check at bootup, Linux recognizes the first drive
(and most or all of the other hardware); it's not at all clear that it
recognizes the second (though this is not crucial, since I don't
intend to use it with Linux).  Then, when it tries to check the
partition information, it produces a long series of errors, most of
which go by too fast to read.  It repeatedly produces a message like,

 hda  DRDY error.  Status 0x00 {}

Two questions:

-- is there any way to pause the messages so that I can read them all?
-- and does anyone know what the problem is?

Thanks in advance --

David Bush

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