HELP: anyone got satan-1.1.1 working with linux?

HELP: anyone got satan-1.1.1 working with linux?

Post by Bruno Boettch » Tue, 05 Nov 1996 04:00:00


i just tryed to get satan-1.1.1 running on my linux 2.0.23 slackware 3.1
box, without result:

the reconfig script doesn't work, i have a symlink /usr/bin/perl ponting on
perl5.003 but the script doesn't find it...

further it sems that in the html directory lags a file called

what goes wrong here?



1. HELP building satan-1.1.1 under Linux

  I am having no luck building satan-1.1.1 under SLackware 3.0.
The problem seems to lie in the source file ../satan-1.1.1/src/port_scan,
file tcp_scan.c.

  Line 468 refers to the "struct ip", but I find no definition for such
a structure.  I did a massive search of the entire directory tree (hopefully
properly) and I simply cannot locate where that structure is defined.

  Have I done something wrong?  Can anyone help?  Thanx.


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