Getting 'tree' installed under OpenLinux...

Getting 'tree' installed under OpenLinux...

Post by Guy Par » Mon, 10 May 1999 04:00:00

     I have tried and disliked RH 5.1 and decided to test out
OpenLinux.  So far I am delighted, particularly with KDE.  Only one
thing: it doesn't include the incredibly handy TREE utility.  I tried
installing the 'tree' RPM from my RH CDand was told that it wouldn't
work without the files and  I have found them
but don't know where they should reside before I try installing TREE
again...where should they go?

1. Slow FTP 'gets', Fast 'puts'???

Here's the situation:

Dell Dimension 200mhZ PII running Redhat 5.0.  Kernel version 2.0.32.
PC has a 3Com Fast Etherlink NIC model 3C905.  Over the weekend I
upgraded the network to a LinkSys Fast Etherlink 16 port hub, which
replaced a number of smaller 10Base hubs.  Hooked the Linux box into the
new hub and decided to test the new transfer rate.

For a rough test I created a 10MB file on a Sun machine also on the
100MB LAN and from the Linux box tried to FTP the file.  It transferred
the file at only 99Kbytes/sec!  So I tried a 'put' of the same file
(Linux to Sun) and it transferred at 3.65Mbytes/sec.

So I logged into the Sun machine and did a 'get' on the same file, it
transferred around 6.55Mbyes/sec, then tried a 'put' (Sun to Linux) and
it again slowed to 99Kbytes/sec.

All other FTP transfers between the Linux box and other machines on the
100MB LAN transfer at normal rates.  All other transfers between the Sun
machine and the rest of the LAN are also at normal rates.  It seems just
between this Linux PC and Sun is there a problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas about what might be the problem?
Or maybe has some ideas on how I might narrow down the likely suspects?



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