vga setup maxigamer as vga 800x600

vga setup maxigamer as vga 800x600

Post by chri » Thu, 15 Jul 1999 04:00:00

which vga card shoudl i use instead of voo basnhee to get the 800x600 on
linux gnome
and which monitor
have 1 15 inch noname
dont know the khz
pleas ehlp

1. Matrox: free driver for super-vga (vga) emulation?

Hi there.
Does exist some free driver to emulate a super-vga (or even a vga) with a
Matrox hardware under Linux? I know about the commercial ones (exploiting
mpeg hardware decompression and so on..) but I'd like to see how it works
without these things.
Does exists some simple XF86 setup to do that ?
Many thanks for any help,


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