ProSignia VS: NCR 53c710 : Red Hat 5.0 : Is ANYBODY running this?

ProSignia VS: NCR 53c710 : Red Hat 5.0 : Is ANYBODY running this?

Post by Jeff Szuha » Mon, 18 May 1998 04:00:00

We're talking about a Compaq ProSignia VS (non-PCI)
with a NCR 53c710 embedded controller chip (as determined
by visual motherboard inspection),
and Red Hat Linux version 5.0.

Has anybody got this running?

Jeff Szuhay
Oakmont, Penna.


1. Red Hat 5.1 on Prosignia VS with NCR-53C710 SCSI

I'm attempting to install Red Hat 5.1 on a Prosignia VS.  It has an onboard
(PCI) SCSI adapter with an NCR-53C710 chip.  Although NCR-53C7xx is listed
as a SCSI adapter option, the installation process won't find either my hard
drive or my CD-ROM drive via autoprobe.

By analogy (dangerous, I know) to the NCR-5380 example in Appendix D2 of the
Installation Guide, I'm guessing that the "Module options" (parameters) it
wants in manual mode are something like
ncr53c7xx=base_addr,irq,dma_channel -- but 1) I'm only guessing; and 2) I
don't know what values to use.

Any suggestions?

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