IBM 8514 Monitor and Metro X

IBM 8514 Monitor and Metro X

Post by Rafael V. Cintr » Fri, 16 May 1997 04:00:00


I have been trying for the last few days to set up the Metro X server that
came with my Redhat 4.1 Linux installation. However, I have not had any
success getting Metro X to work with my IBM 8514 Monitor running at a
1024x768 interlaced resolution.  I have tried the "Generic Monitor"
settings in the Metro X configuration program but they do not work for
1024x768.  Has anyone out there gotten Metro X to work with a IBM 8514

Here are the correct settings in my XF86Config file for that monitor.
Does any one know how I can convert these settings so they will work in
Metro X's configX file?

HorizSync 31.5,35.2,43.5
VertRefresh 50-100
ModeLine "1024x768i" 45 1024 1040 1184 1272 768 774 776 813 interlace

Thank you very much for any help you may have. :)


Rafael V. Cintron
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Computing


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I have an IBM 8514 monitor and a matrox milenium card. The standard
monitor types do not list 8514 as an option under configureX. The
"generic interlaced 15 inch monitor" will not allow me to configure
my monitor in high resolution (1024x768 mode). Does someone have
such a configuration. If someone has successfully done so, I would
like the Mode setting.

Thanks in advance.


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