Help! Child died with FF00 during Boot!

Help! Child died with FF00 during Boot!

Post by R.P. Ammera » Wed, 25 Oct 1995 04:00:00

This must be really easy and simple...

My configuration:
386DX-40PC with 4Mb mem
2 Seagate st157 harddisks (around 40mb each)
1 hd 3.5
1 dd 5.25

My problem:
I installed Linux using umsdos and the Slackware distribution.. When I
try to boot, either using bootlin, loadlin or from a 'self'-created
(by Linux setup) Linux cannot mount the filesystem or it finds the
filesystem and then it starts printing:
Child 2 died with FF00
Child 3 died with FF00

Did I forget something during installation? One strange thing though,
I had to copy fdformat from another linux box, since it was not
installed in my fs. Other weird things were that during installation
all kinds of command showed up with errmsg, showing problems accessing

Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!


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