eth0 and xemacs

eth0 and xemacs

Post by Casely Schandor » Tue, 29 May 2001 02:19:42

Quick questions:

1) Anyone have a reason why bringing up interface eth0 on startup is so
slow. It takes a while on my linux desktop but on my Sony Vaio laptop
PGC-FX120, it takes a much longer time. I have it configured to use dhcp to
obtain ip address on my home network.

2) More importantly, can anyone tell me why xemacs will not start up if my
network isn't running but emacs will? Seems kinda strange that xemacs will
expect the network to be up before it will start when all I'm trying to do
is edit a file.

Note: My current distribution is Redhat 7.1 running kde on my laptop.

Any light on this matter will be truly appreciated.