RH 5.2 cannot mount CD-ROM during install

RH 5.2 cannot mount CD-ROM during install

Post by Louis Labord » Fri, 22 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to install McMillian "My Complete RedHat5.2"
on a CTX 700E laptop (AMD K6 266, 32M RAM, NeoMagic Video).
This computer has a TORiSAN 20x CD-ROM which I think is
an ATAPI one.
When booting linux from the install diskette in default
mode, by just pressing <CR> at the prompt, the OS hangs
with messages "task idle cannot sleep" or something similar.
When booting linux from the install diskette in expert
mode, I can go through the language, keyboard and PCMCIA
selections, but then, after selecting Local CD-ROM and with
the RH5.2 CD in the drive, I get the the message
"cannot mount /dev/hdc".
I tried unsuccessfully to boot linux with different params
such as "linux hdb=cdrom expert" (I don't know if this
CD-ROM is slave on primary, master on secondary or anything),
but I always get the same message "cannot mount /dev/hdc".

Does anybody know of a possible explanation and solution?





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I have a Sony CDU-33A CD-ROM which is supposed to be supported during
install.  I have tried to get the set up program from disk to recognize the
CD-ROM but it just has not worked.  I have read the FAQs that said that is
handled the same as CDU-31A but even by entering the CDU-31A as the choice,
the setup still does not recognize it.  Since it is supposed to be covered I
can imagine that there is some one simple thing to do that will fix it but
since I have never installed Linux before....I cannot find it.

BTW the CD-ROM is usable in Windows 98 but not when I boot directly to DOS.
I cannot get the CD to be the boot drive even when the bios places it first.

Thanks for your patients with a new - hopefully - Linux user.  If I can get
the system up.

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