Which kernel version for VFAT filesys and printer & zip drive support on same parallel port?

Which kernel version for VFAT filesys and printer & zip drive support on same parallel port?

Post by Country B » Wed, 14 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Well, I think I'm going to be brave and upgrade my kernel.

I'm currently at 1.2.13.  

Can anyone tell me what the minimum kernel version that supports
the vfat filesystem, and a parallel printer and iomega zip drive on
the same parallel port?  (If such a thing even exists!)

Are there any stability issues about the recommended kernel I should
know about?  

I understand that there are two version of pppd out there...  On that
works with 1.2.x kernels, and one that works with 1.3.x kernels.  Is
there a pppd that works with 2.0.x kernels (should I have to go that
high for the device support that I'm after)?

Many thanx, folks, and happy-hackin'!  ;)



1. Kernel with both printer and parallel port ZIP drive support??

So I edited the kernel source file lp.c to allow both lp.o and ppa.o to be
compiled in (lp.o just listens/polls on /dev/lp0, leaving ppa.o to handle

I am yet to test this out fully, but if anyone has done this, or knows of
reasons why this will lead to problems, please let me know!
The one thing I'm worried about is what happens when I boot into Linux,
and I don't have the Iomaga ZIP Drive connected to the parallel port,
would that create any problems?

With both lp.o and ppa.o compiled in,
I don't have to insmod/rmmod stuff, and I have two parallel
ports, so making one permanent for the printer (lp0), and another one
permanent for the parallel port Iomega ZIP drive (lp1) seems to be a very
nice option ....

I am using Linux 1.2.13 (off Slackware 3.0), and the latest PPA.C Beta
version of the Parallel Port ZIP Drive driver.

Avinash Chopde

home page: http://www.paranoia.com/~avinash/

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